Friday, November 7, 2008

Well not a lot is really going well with me in the job finding world.
But on the other hand the other things that I have applied for are coming through.
I now don't have to wait for a bus that only runs once an hour, and in the winter time that can suck, because there is no seat or shelter there at the stop.what the bus is design to do is make disable people get around easier.
I have a mental disability, no thanks to the bus, I also have physical problems. That is the bus I
was on that a car slammed into and I mean slammed, it did kill the driver in the car.Where the car made the impact is where i sat an I was right in behind the driver of course there was a big wheel between me and the driver's space. but the car missed the wheel and hit right in behind to where i sat, and that is aluminum,and boy i felt that blow.The driver and I left the seen by ambulance. goo thing on both our parts because he had surgery on his knees and I have a lower back pain, that's not going a way. yes I did let the my GP know and he said it's an injury that is because of a hard blow to the back from a wreak.
there is not much I can do except take an anti inflammatory for middle to mild pain.
Well it's back to doing a little more cross stitching, and then I'm not sure.

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Mylene said...

Thinking of you, kaghos. I do hope all goes well for you.

Beth said...

I hope you and Maxs are doing well. I'm happy that you and Tina have been able to talk about your health issues together. Stay positive and things will work out.