Saturday, September 27, 2008

going to be MIA

This a quick post to let every one know that
my life has been very stressful lately.
I had a real rough Thursday, and I walked off
my job. I went to region 10 to see what they
can do. Basically I have Bipolar and I blew my top at
one of the employee's. One thing lead to another, and I was so
feed up wiht it that I walked out the door.
I went to region 10 and they wanted to put me in the hospital

yesterday, but I said no, because I needed to insure Max's had
plenty of food and water for a few day's. and do a few things.
I am going to be in the hospital Monday and will be there for a few days

they feel I am to manic and want to do a medication change and regulated it.

I received some wonderful packages in the mail in the past couple of
weeks, I have been working on organizing my apartment and haven't posted
pictures, or should I say I need to take the pictures first so I can post them.

right now as we speak I have over 5,000 emails to go through. I in the process

of going through them and getting my home ready with the pets so

I'm not going to be stressed out about being in the hospital and the pet's not

being comfortable.
Hopefully I can get though"s pictures taken and posted before monday

Love you all

Hospital Bed