Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Things Happen For A Reason

I no longer have a job,

But it's not the end of the world yet, I had started getting organized with a mental help center region10. Thank goodness for that, because to where I went was far better then being in the hospital. I was in a wellness and recovery program, I could not leave the compound unless it was part of the program. It was group after group then in between it was feeding time at the OK corral, we also had some leisure time too.
call unemployment to get thing rolling with that. there is some good news and some bad news.The bad news is I have to wait until November 14 for a deputy to go over my case and determine whether or not I can get unemployment. Now here is the good news, the issue that got me terminated was due to Bipolar, and the unemployment agency sent me a form for the doctor to fill out so there is a plus for me, the next thing is they said go ahead and put in my weekly reports and if I do get unemployment it will be back payed
The doctor at the wellness center was trying to get a hold of my doctor before I left the center but did not get a hold of him. So I let a week go by to start checking the mail to see if he sent some medications, well as thus so far I haven received any,and today I go to my PDOC this afternoon If I have not reiced them by now I guess I looking at an other change. Let me back up a bit, I was on one med and I did not want to be on it because of the anger issues so my PDOC took me off of it. I told the other doctor what he is going to say what I said about the meds, and to instruct him the whole story in behind the dosage .

In the meantime while I'm at a point to where I can not do anything with getting my life going again, I have been massively cleaning house. I hopefully will remember to update when I get back from my appointment.

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