Saturday, November 8, 2008

Well it is an other day with out pay.
I have been doing graphic art most of the day 
I did some cross stitching today and will do more alittle bit later
I have a ferret and haven't really spent quality time like I should so I have to commit myself to do a little more then I have been. I do have the time but the anxiety will not allow it right now.
I am fixing to finish up supper and then do some pet clean.
Thanks to one of the members in one of my groups I am no longer going through TV withdraws,
I can get most of what I normal watch through the INTERNET


Lou's addictions said...

I hope you feel ready for pet time soon, its really beneficial to anxiety sufferers to have contact with furry animals. I dont know exactly why but its been shown to help.

Lou - ilcs

Shelleen said...

enjoy your pets. Hope that you are having fun watching your TV shows online

Dawn B. said...

Watching TV on line is not something I have tried but glad it's working for you. Hope for your sake and mine the Job market gets better real soon. Have fun with the animals they are very therapeutic.

Sadie said...

Kaghos, I have tagged you, visit my blog for more details :-)