Tuesday, December 16, 2008

this is what i got in the mail
yesterday, one is for a PFI
and one is a surprise. I have been doing
better about myself since the unemployment kicked in.
I also have been putting the puter in standby at night 
and covering the flashing light puting the internet in standby, turning off 
the speakers. My sleep has improved I think with both combo's on my side
I'm more at ease. 
Since I have time on my hand and it is not a good
thing to where I have a lot of spare time, Bipolar people need to
stay busy. so I have three cross stitch projects going,   doing  word fill in's
of course you all on the Internet.  Oh by the way i have taken an other step, I'm reading just about every night and enjoying reading. my next goal is to get back into journaling.

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